Review of CAU Winter Program

Afifa Ezi Ramadhiyanti/ University of Indonesia

The lectures were engaging and eye-opening.

The CAU IWP was a very satisfying program to follow through. I had the best time enjoying Seoul with my fellow exchange students. Not only did I get to experience the Korean culture for myself, I was also able to gain knowledge of how and why the culture was shaped into its current form. 

The lectures that were given were engaging and eye-opening, especially as the topics of discussion were very interesting. They all spoke perfect English so we were able to understand all the materials that were given to us.


Min Ho / National Taiwan Ocean University

I am so happy I got the opportunity to participate in the International Winter Program, which was held by Chung-Ang University in South Korea.

During this experience, I was able to feel the amount of effort the school put into this program for us. They offered us a variety of classes which educated us on Korea and Korean culture in detail.

Another impressive experience of this program was when we got to wear the Hanbok. In the past I have only seen these clothes in dramas. Wearing the Korean traditional clothing made me feel like I had travelled a hundred years back.

I tried a lot of new things and got to experience a variety of interesting activities. I am so thankful to Chung-Ang University for holding this program. I will be sure to inform other students  who have  never been to Korea before that they too can join this program next year.




Yee Tian Boo / University of Wollongong

All of this is more than I expected.

This winter program is awesome, everything is well organized and all the activities are fun. I have learned so much through the cultural activities, lectures and Korean classes that I took. Now as a result, I am more interested in Korean culture, Korean language and this lovely country. I have met some new friends, and have more knowledge about this country – which is much more than I expected.




Yi Jie Yang / National Cheng Kung University

The dormitory is also high-quality, and it is comfortable to stay here.

This eighteen-day winter program was a wonderful journey. In the beginning, I was confused about everything because it was my first time going abroad. The weather was so cold and the food was so different and spicy that I couldn’t adjust to it at first. However, the daily life in Seoul was convenient and high-quality. There are various kinds of restaurant, shops, and markets around the neighborhood which you can explore. CAU is a beautiful school, which consists of spectacular buildings and scenery. The food in the cafeteria is pleasant, which allowed me to become more familiar with traditional Korean food. The dormitory is also high-quality, and is comfortable to stay in.

Thanks to the winter program, CAU provided us with lots of wonderful experiences. In these eighteen days, we were able to embrace Korean culture by attending and participating in various cultural activities. They were unprecedented experiences and I will never forget it. My greatest memories at CAU was learning Taekwondo and how to ski. These activities were incredibly interesting and exciting! Our tours to different attractions in Korea were also impressive as they gave me a deeper insight into Korea.

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