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Make your winter special at a TOP 10 Korean University, Chung-Ang.

The CAU International Winter Program (IWP) is a hybrid program providing students with a window into Korean culture, along side courses and cultural experiences that foster an understanding of Korea’s culture and society. CAU welcomes students from around the world to enjoy various courses ranging from Korean culture and society to studying the Korean Language. Special Lectures will be offered by some of the top faculty members at CAU, as well as Korean culture and society specialists. Students will experience numerous cultural activities diving right into Korean culture which will enable students to make lasting friendships with fellow international and local CAU students.

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Center of K-vibe

Chung-Ang University is particularly proud of this phenomenon. For the past 80 years, CAU has been at the forefront of the cultivation of the nation’s cultural heritage in traditional music, dance, drama, and other performing arts. CAU, a home to various K-pop and K-drama stars, as well as many alumni of varying talents and fields, have contributed to the upbringing and creation of the Hallyu wave.

Watch: Actress Park Shin Hye, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Sooyoung Graduate From College (CAU)

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CAU Believes that this program should be a very educational experience. Therefore, we are not making profits, but we want to build connections with you.

The BEST location


Location is important. CAU is located in the heart of Seoul, where you can access the various other attractive places in Seoul with ease. There are two subway lines (#7, #9) which pass by the Seoul campus and each subway station is only a 5~8 minute walking distance from the dormitory.

Another benefit of CAU’s location is that you can easily access the Han river, the most romantic and beautiful area of Seoul. As a university that is the closest to the Han river, you can enjoy many aspects of night views from the bridges.


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