Fees & Scholarship

Affordable, but INCREDIBLE!



*The Total Cost of Participation fee for CAU’s winter program is just 1,140 USD including: accommodation, cultural activities (CKEP), and tuition! (For partners)

CAU Provides 50% of the tuition as a scholarship for students from CAU’s partner universities.

How could it be that affordable with such a great value?


fee comparsion

*Above is the tuition information applied to students from partner institutions.

As you can see, the participation fee also includes housing for the CAU’s Winter Program which is definitely a great alternative according to the comparison table above. Don’t worry about the quality of the programs.

You can check the activities and lectures of the program here

The reason why we offer that affordable price is that… 

  • On-campus housing which is operated by CAU, which is not out-sourced
  • 50% tuition waiver is one of the largest tuition scholarship among Korean universities.

Want to know how to make a payment? please refer to the Apply page.

Are you curious about how exceptional our dormitory at CAU is for you? Visit On campus housing page.